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4 days 3 hours ago

You’ve probably heard the term “digital transformation” at some point. It’s a buzzword that gets a lot of attention in every industry, even construction.

But what does it really mean? Why does it even matter for your crews and projects?

Well, it is important for any leader to understand.

In an industry faced with crippling inefficiencies, digitization is the way forward in this...

2 months 2 weeks ago

Just over a half century ago, American women saw their husbands, sons and fathers off to World War II and then stepped into their overalls and went to work, taking up the slack for their men in factories, automotive plants and shipyards. And thanks in large part to their willingness and talent, we won that war. But when the men came home, the women almost instantly became irrelevant on their jobs, and were expected to return to their homes, get...