Construction Careers: Inspector

Do you have an eye for detail? Do you like to see things get done right, so the finished product will be a masterpiece?  As an inspector/tester you assure a safer and brighter tomorrow for Michigan.

Inspector/Tester at work

As an inspector/tester you make sure each job and product is completed to perfection.


1-3 years of classroom and on-the-job training will get you started as a heavy equipment operator


A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required for most employer training programs. Useful high school courses include science, math, electronics and shop. Post high school training programs are typically 1-2 years and may include classroom and on-the-job training. Get started in this exciting career.



Heavy equipment operators make between $30,000 and $75,000 annually.


$23,000 - $80,000